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Did you know that granite countertops can increase the value of your home? Putting granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom not only instantly upgrades the look and feel of the room, but can also make the room more appealing and valuable to future buyers.

Granite Countertop Colors & Styles


Finding the perfect color and style of granite is easy due to the many different colors and styles. Most people choose a style of granite that matches the cupboards and flooring of their room. At Elite Floors, we can help you choose the perfect style and color for your home. Our showroom is located in Burleson, TX, and we serve the entire Fort Worth metro area.

Are granite countertops expensive?


Because granite is a natural rock and is quarried from all over the world, this can make it more expensive than other types of countertops. However, the durability and beauty of granite helps keep your future costs down. It’s easy to clean and resistant to scratches and bacteria. This makes it last for decades! All of this makes it worth any extra cost over other types of countertop.

Professional Granite Countertop Installation by Elite Floors


Installing granite is something that takes some finesse. You must be careful to measure very precisely, cut perfectly, and install gently. That’s why it’s so important to hire a professional to install granite countertops! If you’re in Burleson, TX or the Fort Worth area, Elite Floors is the professional granite installation company you need to contact today!

To find out how granite countertops can fit into your new construction or remodeling project, call us today at for a free consultation. Elite Enterprises – Proudly serving the Burleson, TX area since 1980.

While we offer complete kitchen remodeling, did you know Elite Floors also specializes in countertops for your kitchen? If you don’t have the time or money for a complete kitchen remodel, a great way to update your kitchen’s look is to install beautiful countertops.

Whether you opt for granite, marble or quartz countertops can give your kitchen a much-needed makeover. Adding a modern aesthetic appeal, new countertops not only look great but they can add to the overall functionality and usability of your kitchen space too.

Choosing the right countertops can be a tad overwhelming to say the least. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a few important questions to ask before making a decision. Firstly, think about what exactly you want out of your kitchen countertops, and consider the following:

  • Do they fit within my budget?
  • Will they complement my kitchen’s look and feel?
  • Are they easy to clean?
  • Are they durable?
  • How will they handle high-traffic?

Remember, if you’ve been itching to make a change to the overall flow of your countertops, or perhaps move the location of your sink, for example, this can be done when installing new countertops. Be sure to chat with Elite Floors about any changes you wish to make. This way, our team can schedule additional time for these adjustments and make any necessary changes.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Countertop?

Now that we’ve covered a few things to consider when choosing countertops––what are some of the advantages?

  • They’ll Fit Like a Glove: As each kitchen is different, many generic countertops don’t always work and may require costly modifications.
  • You’ll Have More Choice: When you select the type of countertop you wish to install, you’ll have complete control over the materials that you choose. This way you can do some research on the various options, and work out which one offers you everything that you need. Often, when buying generic countertops you’re not entirely sure what you’re getting. This means you’ll also be unsure of the quality and durability of the materials being used.
  • They’ll Add Value To Your Home: Something like granite countertops can positively influence how much your home is worth. If you want to add value and make it more attractive to potential buyers, going with something sleek and timeless is one of the easiest things you can do to add value to your property.

Countertops DFW

Have any more questions on countertops in DFW? Contact Elite Floors where we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can. Proudly serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area,  our team of experts will be able to guide you when choosing countertops and help you make the best decision that’s both functional and beautiful.

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00:08 18 Oct 23
Kristin was so helpful, and JoJo and her team did a great job on my installation. I had my carpet replaced with vinyl. I highly recommend them.
Michelle Meredith
Michelle Meredith
16:15 22 Aug 23
Elite replaced the flooring and baseboards throughout our home and did an amazing job! The install team had to do a lot of prep work to level out our slab due to previous foundation repairs. They knew their stuff. Our whole experience was positive from start to finish. We will be using them again on future projects.
Chris Ivey
Chris Ivey
02:26 06 Jan 23
First time using Elite Flooring and they nailed it… from the store staff to the installers. Great experience.
Christine Lyon
Christine Lyon
20:09 26 Jul 22
We were ghosted by a tile installer with a unfinished stone travertine tile job. I called Elite and they sent a tile guy out the next day, and he did a great job. Very pleased with the finished tile work. They have earned our loyalty.
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan
04:44 28 Dec 20
We used Elite Floors for new paint, new floors/carpet, and a remodel job. Randy did a great job with the time and cost estimates (they were on time and on budget). Emmanuel, Thomas, and Christian did an outstanding job with the painting, flooring, and carpentry. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.
Wanda Wood
Wanda Wood
12:23 28 Sep 20
My experience with Elite has been exceptional from quote to completed job! Randy knows what he’s doing and he explained what would be done and why it needed to be done.JoJo and her crew of workers are the most hard working people I have ever seen! They came in and started work, no goofing around from these people, from start to finish.I would highly recommend Elite flooring to anyone who is in need of a new floor and wants it done the right way.
Caitlin Barnes
Caitlin Barnes
18:10 17 Feb 19
We hired Elite Floors last month to remove carpet and tile on almost the whole first floor and install luxury vinyl plank and new baseboards. Overall, it was a good experience. The project was completed on time and the crew cleaned up well each day. My husband had a couple of small concerns at the end and both were addeessed and fixed promptly. We absolutely love our flooring!
Viking Overhead
Viking Overhead
22:50 13 Nov 18
Hired this company for dustless tile removal. This is a big job that I started and realized I didn’t have the proper equipment for. These guys did an excellent job! Plastic and taped rooms off and all kitchen cabinets. They did the whole job in a couple hours and when they finished I swept the floor and didn’t hardly get anything up with the broom. (They clean up well!! Overall very impressed! Will definitely recommend to friends and family!